Nothing can be more hilarious than our furry friends.

Having a furry friend is no less than a blessing because everyday life with them becomes even more fun. While sometimes, they act demanding but other times they are hilarious.

Only pet owners know animals are full of hilarity but today, you would see it with your eyes. Here, we have 20 hilarious yet adorable animal photos that will show you their funny side.

Scroll down for hilarity.

1. “Got it laminated to replace my air freshener..”

This is the sweetest thing.

2. “Thought my wife was getting a kitten, not a furry judgmental parrot”

Cats do get judgmental at times and you can’t do anything about it.

3. “Pit bulls are just land seals”

This is so true. They look like each other btw.

4. “Phantom of the opera”

5. Nothing cuter than a baby fox sleeping on a branch.

6. “A rare photo of Schrödinger’s cat.”

7. Blair posing with her human.

8. “The puppies I rescued were handed to me in a paper bag, traded it for a comfy bed (not pictured).”

Please put them in their forever home and give them forehead kisses from our side.

9. “We have a lot of strays. This rough old man just showed up.”

Senior cats are not that bad. Just try them once.

10. Meet Rootbeer, 7 week old puppy.

Animals would always get our attention. Some of the times for being adorable but most of the times for funny reasons. They would do something unintentionally and it would turn into something hilarious. Like a cat staring at their owners with a judgmental look as if they have committed a crime. Oh lady, relax. No need to act crazy. Well, whatever they do, it puts a smile on our faces.

11. Happy 15th Birthday!

Enjoy your steak cake.

12. Meet Maple, the cutest lady.

13. Piggies resting on the tiger.

14. That’s how I watch my family drama:

15. Meet the breathing potato.

16. This hero dog volunteered in 9/11.

17. “Baby Amélie gets bags under her eyes when she’s sleepy”

Go to sleep baby Amélie.

18. Meet this majestic Norwegian Forest cat, Aslan.

19. Ready to explore the world.

20. “My dog (right) randomly meeting one of her litter mates at a park, circa 2012. She has never greeted any other dog this way, before or since.”

We love seeing animals loving each other. Just look at these two doggos meeting each other like they were separated for years. Do you own a pet? Does your pet make you smile with its unexpected actions? Comment down to share your thoughts with us!