Apparently, the beautiful landscapes and sights nature provides for us to look at and admire aren’t enough, because it has one-upped itself with these animals that are covered in unique fur markings and patterns. They make us wonder if they’re real or if nature has learned how to use Photoshop!

So here at Defused we have collected 20 animals that are unique and just beautiful in their own way. Keep on scrolling, make sure you watch it till the end. We are sure that you are going to love it!

1. Look at this spectacular pattern on this kitty, this little kitty wants to be a leopard when it grows up

2. When you have camouflage fur and you wanna use it when you want to make a mess and hide

3. Have you ever seen a cat with eyebrows? It’s pretty unique ain’t it?

4. Meet Venus the famous two faced cat

5. This cow’s lucky number is 7

6. A hero with a mask

7. It’s amazing that how colorful this cutie pie is

8. Just two cats resting in one body

9. Animals love cuter with mustaches, what do you think?

10. Meet this gentleman, I am sure that you haven’t seen such a handsome doggo before

11. “When you want your owner to know that you’re number 1 in their life”.

12. This doggo is the loveliest even his fur shows it

13. When you are just born to be a star

14. It seems like this puppy just love socks

15. Harry Potter

16. “He’s smirking because someone just complimented his eyebrows.”

17. Look at him he’s just beautiful

18. Presenting you Bat-Bear beware Gotham City

19. They look more graceful with mustaches on their cute little faces

20. When you just want to make them know where to pet me

Humans painted it not nature, thought we should share it anyway

These animals above are extremely beautiful, unique and special in their own way. Some of them have majestic patterns on their fur, while some have graceful features and the two faced cat is just simply amazing. It’s truly an art of nature. Nature can never stop impressing us.