Do you know what amuses us? Optical illusion. Yes, this cool phenomenon amazes most of us. Probably because it plays a trick on us as we see mismatching shapes. Then our minds create cool optical illusions.

And we know one thing that creates the best illusion. It’s shadows. Sometimes the interesting shadows look nothing like the real object.

You might have seen quite a few funny optical illusions created by shadows but the ones I have listed below are the best. You read that right. They are the best.

At first glance, you may not find anything strange, but a few seconds later, you will realize some unexpected details. Scroll down the list below to check your eyesight.

#1. Hanging man

#2. It looks like he’s floating

#3. The car was hovering over the parking

#4. This shadow from two different trees

#5. Cat food bag’s shadow looks like a cat

#6. Straight ladder but a crooked shadow

#7. Einstein poster casts a sinister shadow

#8. This shadow became self-aware

#9. This looks like another set of stairs

#10. Unicorn shadow

#11. Sitting on the couch with a headache and an ice pack on my head

#12. Crumpled paper shadow faces

#13. Little sundog

#14. Shadow of mandog

#15. The sunlight on the Palace Hotel

#16. Smiling to the world but dying on the inside

#17. Shadows cast from a tree during an eclipse

#18. Shadow that perfectly lined up with the light pole

#19. Say Hi

#20. Fishnet stockings made from the table’s shadow

What do you think of these truly amusing shadows? Do you also have similar optical illusion pictures? If so, don’t forget to share with us in the comments section.