Let’s read a story about two pit bulls named Sally and Todd. The most heartbreaking thing about both of them is that they came from a very traumatic and sad background. But now, they are living happily in their new home. 

Todd, in his past, was used as a fighter dog and has got some serious injuries. Sally, on the other hand, was used to breeding litters of puppies. And it is really very unhealthy for any female dog. Don’t be too heartbroken because the best thing is about to happen. 

A non-profitable dog adoption center named Love Leo Rescue adopted Todd. And while the volunteers were looking for a loving home for him, he was fostered by actress & comedian Rebecca Corry. But little did anyone know that Corry would totally fall in love with him and gave him a permanent place in her life. The same thing has happened to Sally. Corry fostered her too and after seeing how comfortable Todd and Sally are with each other, Corry adopted her. And the best thing, now they both are living together. Yay! 

Scroll down to see how happily Todd and Sally are living in their new house and amazing they are.