Cats are truly queens and they also like to behave as they are one. That’s why even after we feed them, pet them, bathe them, and find a perfect spot for them to sleep; they are ungrateful. We are not lying. Cats never thank us and we have found pictures of 19 ungrateful cats who want nothing but their space. 

You can scroll down to have a look.

1. “Hey, human, check out this cool box I found.”

2. Guess whose shoes are getting peed on tonight.

3. “Scratching post… that means I get on it and you scratch me, right?”

4. He dries his button only the finest of denim.

5. “Don’t you dare tell me what is and what isn’t a bed.”

6. This is the face of zero regrets.

7. “No syrup?”

8. Everyone knows the fresh food is on the top.

9. Just reminding you who wears the pants in this family.

10. “If we fit, we sit. Why is that so hard to understand?”

11. How… how did she even get up there…?

12. The cat decides the schedule in this household.

13. Stuck between a soft place and another soft place.

14. “Ungrateful human. Someone has to incubate these, you know.”

15. Now that the humans have a tiny sink of their own, the cat can use his sink as intended.

16. Close enough.

17. TFW your human buys you a new toy, but what you really wanted was a new bed.

18. Sharing is caring – just not about you.

19. “If you’re trying to buy my affection, you’re a few Benjamins short.”

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