We are humans and we can make mistakes. But there is something about the facelessness of the texting format that really seems to bring out the mental lapses in spades.

Here are some of the funniest texting facepalms we found online (courtesy of r/facepalm).

1. Whoops

2. Indeed

3. It Hurts To Read

4. Lost In The Sauce

5. A 30-Year Burn

6. What Did You Think They Wanted To See?

7. Self Own

8. That’s The English Version

9. The Worst Typo

10. C’Mon Bro

11. Brutal

12. Customer “Service”

13. Appointment Confirmed

14. Yeah

15. Math Is Hard

16. The Emojis Make It Perfect

17. It’s Alright

18. Beware The Car People

19. How Not To Flirt