Each one of you has a different expression and sound when you sneeze. We all look weird, but do you know who looks even worst? Cats, yes they have a very weird expression while they sneeze. Some people had the perfect timing to capture these moments on camera. Scroll down to take a look at these images of cats sneezing caught on camera.

1. Aww, look at those little teefies!


3. “Ah – ah -ah – ah…”

4. Bless you!

5. Gesundheit!

6. Salud!

7. Surprise!

8. “It’s these dang allergies again.”

9. Where are the tissues?

10. This one is a doozy.

11. “Oh no… here it comes….”

12. This cat looks like it’s preparing to sneeze directly onto your sandwich.

13. Spectacular from every angle.

14. Tissues? Who needs ’em?


16. “Help! It’s stuck!”

17. “One more – one mo – one – one more – “

18. Ahh, that’ll clear out the ol’ sinuses.

19. “Dude, when was the last time you dusted in here?”

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