Do you remember the time when you literally begged in front of your dag to get that dog and he said a straight no? Seems like we all had gone through fire and water to convince our dads to get a dog. And now, it’s our fathers who have bonded very well with these furry angels. 

To show you how well dads are bonding with their dogs, we have listed a few pictures. Scroll down to see them. 

“My dad dressed “the dog he didn’t want” in my childhood dress he kept for his first granddaughter.”

“Dad didn’t want a dog. Dad and the dog:”

“My dad didn’t want a dog. Now he hangs up both their coats to dry after it rains.”

“Another dad who didn’t want a dog”

“Years ago, my dad didn’t want anything to do with a dog. Now the dog is my equal in his eyes”

“My dad didn’t want us to get a dog at first. I found this picture in his room.

“Dad and the dog he didn’t want.”

The two have seemed to bond very well.

Just a dad taking photos of his youngest baby.

Dad’s a dad all over again.

Dad let his inner child out. Such a cheerful sight to see.

Nap buddies.

every dad who didn’t want a dog. from aww

This is too cute.

Nope, we can’t blame dads for this. Dogs are too damn adorable!

Too precious!

Grumpy dads are not that grumpy after all.

Dads say no, but deep down inside it’s a yes.

I present to you, my dad who didn’t want another dog. from aww

Now they both can’t be without each other. Priceless.

Several months ago my Dad said he didn’t want a dog, this is him now 🙂 from aww

Dads and dogs— an unbreakable bond.