It is as if these cats are heat-seeking devices.

When the air gets a little chilled, we all want something hot to keep us warm. And just like us, even cats are on a search for warm things so that they could take comfortable naps during winter. 

Hopefully, these kitties have found what they were looking for. You can scroll down to have a look. 

#1 Who needs a bed when you have a steel radiator?

Our apartment has been chilly this winter. Scout has a new favorite spot.

#2 I think this cat is trying to think of how to burn the whole house down.

#3 A lamp beside your work table is the only way a cat will let you do your job.

The installation of a heating lamp always rectifies the “cat on keyboard” syndrome.

#4 Clean laundry? Do you think a cat would care?

#5 The holy sun has chosen this cat to bestow its rays upon.

#6 This is quite similar to what I do when my hands are freezing.

#7 You might want to unplug your cat charger or your kitten might become overcharged.

#8 This cat really is living the high life.

#9 There has to be some sort of stereotype somewhere in there.

#10 Humans aren’t the only ones who like to sunbathe.

My cat was really enjoying today’s sun.

#11 I think the sides are getting browner than the rest of the cat loaf.

#12 Cats are a master at procrastinating.

#13 ‘Why can’t I touch the rays hooman?’

#14 ‘What are you looking at? Help me!’

#15 This little baby needs to follow the 10-foot distance from any screen rule.

She loves the warm air coming out of the laptop.

#16 I am usually a black coffee girl but I would make an exception for this cat-uccino.

#17 This cat won’t find the meaning of life in that admittedly unique lamp.

Just my cat sunbathing in a lamp is all.

#18 Some cats just like being smushed into a blanket. As do many humans.

#19 Yes, this is a cat on the Internet.

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