Who knew they would get so big?

Do you know what’s the worst part about having a dog? It’s that they grow up so fast. They literally grow up so freaking fast that it is sometimes hard to believe that these majestic dogs were little babies just a few months ago. So guys, click as many pictures as you can with your cutie because he is going to grow super fast. 

Oh no, we don’t want to make you feel sad by saying these things. All we want to tell you is dogs grow fast but seeing them growing right in front of your eyes is the most amazing thing you will ever experience. 

We also understand that it’s a little difficult to decipher the change when you see them every day. That’s why we have compiled some before and after pictures of dogs that you can see to understand that miracles happen in just a blink of an eye. 

#1 2.5 months vs 6 months.

#2 9 weeks vs 17 weeks.

#3 8 weeks vs 16 weeks.

Not a huge difference except the ears.

#4 8 weeks vs 1 year.

#5 9 weeks vs 22 weeks.

#6 10 weeks vs 6 months.

I think I spoke too soon, this doggo can probably fly away with his adorable ears.

#7 10 weeks vs 23 weeks.

#8 12 weeks vs 22 weeks.

Are we sure there is any difference between these two pictures?

#9 A few weeks vs 6 months.

#10 3 months vs 6 months.

#11 16 weeks vs 6 months.

#12 3 months vs 9 months.

How has he not eaten all the treats in the before picture?

#13 3 months vs 6 months.

#14 4 months vs 6 months.

I bet he is harder to hold up like this now.

#15 9 weeks vs 7 months.

#16 6 weeks vs 1 year.

He is still a lap dog in his mind.

#17 6 weeks vs 1 year.

#18 11 weeks vs 20 weeks.

Christmas is here and this doggo is excited.

#19 7 weeks vs 16 weeks.