If you ask us who is going to get the World’s Best Wedding Photos, we would give these dogs a price just for being the nicest boys and girls. They look stunning in their dresses and we can’t resist ourselves to show you how handsome/beautiful they look. Scrool down to see these handsome hunks and gorgeous princesses looking their best on the wedding day of their owners.


This Badass Boy Wasn’t Even Asked To Go Up Front


It Was Clearly Too Late To Stop This Dog, So Why Not Take A Fabulous Pic?


One Sweet Moment Of Love Before This Puppy’s Human Becomes A Bride


Obviously This Dog Has Practiced His Pose Over And Over Again


Photographer Catches Dog Frozen In Flight!


It Doesn’t Get Any Sweeter Than This!


A Divinely Placed Veil Descends In The Perfect Pattern Around This Puppy


These Handsome Boys Are The Winners Of Best Puppy Portrait Category!


A Wonderfully Pre-Visualized Optical Illusion


This Makes Us Smile And Say “Eww” & It Is The Winner Of Our Best Canine Moment Category Award!


Every Dog Deserves Her Kisses!


Dance With Me, Doggo!

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Now That’s A Dapper Dog Right There


The Perfect Surprise Makes The Moment In This Well-Composed Engagement Photo


You Had Us At Hello


This Dog Is Ready To Pregame


This Loyal Friend Provides The Perfect Way For Going Incognito


The Winner Of Our Dog Show Category! Did Someone Say Samoyed?


Come On, Give Mommy A Kiss!