1. This man got more than he asked for

2. Friedman taught them these girls a lesson here

3. Some quick thinking was enough here

4. Here is how fulfilling a request can make things worse

5. This looks like an easy job

I am a Barbie girl in the barbie world.

6. People need to specify their requests

Exactly how it should be

7. Photoshop can serve as a time machine

8. Some photos do not need to be altered

9. James continues to teach people a lesson

10. We guess there is more than one way to fulfill a dream

11. Here is why we love James Fridman’s work

12. You need to be careful what you wish for

13. This is a rather unusual request

14. This is another of Fridman’s lessons

15. Fridman is obviously a master jokester

16. This is one of the funniest pieces of work Fridman has created

17. Another example of how overdoing something looks like

18. She just had a simple request