Okay, so what would you do if you find a box of treasure hidden under the sand? We are sure you would be the happiest person on the earth that day. But do you realize that there are things more valuable and precious than a box of tressure? Oh, yes, it’s true. And surprisingly, you can find these things very easily in your house or surroundings. 

Out of everything that is precious and dear to us, memories are on the top. And why not? After all, our brain can store up to 2.5 petabytes of data, or we can say 3 million hours of any television show. Well, that’s a lot of information to process. And most of the time, we only remember the happy moments because they make us better. 

While you sit back and relieve some of your treasured days, we at Hiptoro have decided to show you 18 findings that people from all around the world have shared. Are you excited? Okay, so let’s check them out. 

“I couldn’t understand why I chose this engagement ring for myself until I found my mom’s ring.”

“My dad has run a car wash for over 30 years. He found this in the mailbox the day after Christmas.”

“Friend and I argued over the best car wash in town. The argument ended when we realized we went to the same car wash. Lunch on me. Merry Christmas.”

“I once found a strange box on an old road in a pile of garbage. This was inside.”

“- Envelops with money from different countries. These are mainly old banknotes from the 1700-1900s. The oldest one is a coin from 1621.”

“I recently found a lovely bowl in a vintage store that seemed very familiar to me. I flipped through the book that inspired me to become a woodturner 31 years ago, and I found a picture of this bowl there.”

“I found my wallet from 1985 in an old jacket. And this is a snapshot of a teenage boy’s life in the ’80s.”

“When I was a kid, my dad promised to give me $5 for a 4-leaf clover. My search was always unsuccessful, but today it happened. My dad is no longer with us, but I yelled at the top of my lungs: “Dad, you owe me $5!”

“My grandma showed me the letter I sent to her when I was 6. She has kept it for over 20 years.”

“Dear Grandma, I miss you a lot. I wish you lived in America. But I know that you don’t have a lot of money. I still remember you’re fat. Love, Setareh. P.S. Please write back.”

“I just found out that my dear mother kept my old Nintendo 64 with all the original packaging. I love her so much!”

“I accidentally found a portrait of my 4-year-old self in a storage box.”

“When I was 9 years old, my dad was deployed to Iraq. I gave him these cards from a board game to keep him safe. Turned out they’ve been in his wallet for 12 years.”

“My grandma kept certain photos locked away. Among them, I found a small photo of my grandpa when he was young.”

“For my 30th birthday, my grandma gave me my old compact video cassettes that she had managed to find. Man, I watched these 1,000 times growing up.”

“I found old love letters between my parents who were in a long-distance relationship.”

“My grandma gave me this photo after my grandpa passed away. I fell asleep in his lap when I was a little girl. He was my best friend.”

“I was playing my ukulele in my back yard and later, I found this on my door.”

“You are an amazing musician! My husband and I slow danced to your song. Thank you so much for sharing your music with us.”

“I work at a bar in the evenings, and I’m also fluent in sign language. Tonight, I chatted with a deaf man, and the clients sitting at the table next to us got interested. Then they left this for me.”

“Amount: $36.94. Tip: $100. Note: “Thank you for what you do, it definitely matters. Good luck with finishing your degree!”

“I just found the original Pokémon Go in a cardboard box, and it still works.”

“I lost this picture of my cat 4 years ago and just found it in an old hard drive. I am so happy.”