Teachers play an important role in shaping our future and we respect them. But at certain times, they come up with clever power moves that are too hilarious.

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1. Technically They’re Teachers Because They Taught Someone Something “¯\_(ツ)_/¯“

2. Chaotic Evil

3. College Be Like That Sometimes

4. This Will Never Not Be Funny

5. Classic Move

6. Absolute Troll

7. Oh Naw

8. Fourth Wall: Broken

9. At Least They’re Reading

10. Impractical But Who Cares

11. Uno Reverse Card

12. How To Establish Your Dominance

13. Forever Alone

14. It’s A Constant Reminder

15. Just Trying To Have A Little Fun

16. Wonder Who That Could Be

17. Favoritism

18. During Online Classes


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