Have you ever noticed that your furry friend is just like you? No, it’s not a joke. Although most pet parents fail to realize it, sometimes their pets express the same emotions and expressions as them. And the best thing- animal reactions are more hilarious. 

No matter whether it is trying to act cool in awkward situations, seeing out of the window when the weather is awesome or any other thing; they are just like us. And to show this thing, we have collected a few pictures. 

Scroll down to know if your pet also does any of these things or not.

18. “Look at this, guys!”

17. When the doctor tells you you’re pregnant:

16. Looks like someone is going to have a serious talk…

15. The very moment when you can’t break the awkward silence:

14. When you’ve been plotting your revenge for a long time:

13. When you’ve decided to start a diet and are waiting for a break:

12. When the weather is nice outside but you’re stuck in the office:

11. When you overhear somebody talking about you:

10. Thinking about the upcoming weekend makes everyone happier.

9. When you’re in a bad mood and want to be naughty:

8. When you’re told that it’s time to grow up:

7. When someone is disturbing you from work again:

6. When you make an extremely silly face in order to be left alone:

5. When you watch some of your colleagues leave for a vacation:

4. When you do something weird and think that no one sees you:

3. The guaranteed condition at the end of every workweek

2. When someone calls your favorite activity nonsense:

1. “Sit down, human. We need to talk.”

If your pet is also acting like humans, we would love to see the pictures in the comments section.