No matter how much we are serious or strict. All of our problems and anger issues resolve once we look at our pets with those sparkling eyes. Their eyes, small nose, flapping ears, wagging tails, etc can’t be ignored. Cats and dogs have filled our lives with pure love and emotion. We can’t ever thank them much. But we can shower our endless love on them.

Here are some photos which are a quick remedy to all your tension, stress and problems. Maybe after this, you would like to get yourself cats or dogs

1) A new haircut

2) “What goes in doesn’t always come out.”

3) My cat’s reaction when my friend comes over with his dog

4) “Would you let go of the camera and help me?”

5) “Where’s my food?”

6) My cat thinks it works this way

7) A nervous friend vs A calm friend

8) Meet my new friend

9) My sister’s dog had puppies. One of them fell asleep while trying to escape.

10) When cats raised you

11) My cat is learning what rain is

12) “You taste kind.”

13) My cat whenever I come back home from work

14) “It’s a soft bed.”

15) Rules are meant to be broken

16) Sunbeam

17) My dog is scared of the cat and she knows it.

18) His first day at home


I bet that you’re intrigued by these pictures and craving to get one of them for yourself.

If you already have a pet, share their funny stories and pictures with your friends and have a laugh!