Our pets love us. They love us so much that they can’t let any other person come near us. This might sound a bit cheesy but this is true. And the amazing thing is that they are not afraid to show how much they love their favorite humans. Why would they? After all, they need our attention all the time.

There is actually nothing wrong is that. But sometimes, they get so jealous (so so jealous) that they end up stealing their owner’s girlfriend or boyfriend. Yep, you have read it right!

To show how shamelessly jealous pets can steal your significant other if you are not careful, we have found some cute pictures. So go on, check the pictures, and be careful!

1. My Prairie Dog And Girlfriend Asleep

2. Trying To Enjoy My Coffee And Cuddles With Boyfriend, Dog Starts Nudging And Yipping Until I Move. Immediately Takes My Spot And Gives Me This Look

3. My Cat Is In Love With My Boyfriend. She Glares Every Time I Try To Sit Next To Him. He Didn’t Believe Me, So I Took A Picture

4. My Girlfriend Took This Photo Of Me And My Jealous Bitch Of A Dog

5. My Boyfriend And Our Cat Are Close. Too Close?

6. No Matter Where My Husband Falls Asleep My Cat Finds Him And Naps With Him

7. She Is Mine

8. My Friends Dog Is Jealous Of His Girlfriend

9. Came Back To Bed To Find This Bitch Stole My Boyfriend

10. She Loves Reminding Me I’m Basically My Husband’s Side Chick

11. Took My Girlfriend’s Dog To The Park. I Think She Likes Me

12. This Is How I Find My Kitten And My Boyfriend Every Morning

13. I Told My Boyfriend The New Puppy Wasn’t Allowed In The Bed. Boyfriend Chose Puppy

13. I Told My Boyfriend The New Puppy Wasn’t Allowed In The Bed. Boyfriend Chose Puppy

15. The New Kitten Has Developed Quite The Attachment To My Boyfriend

16. The Way My Girlfriend’s Dog Looks At Me Melts My Heart

17. How My Dog Looks At Me When He’s In Bed With My Wife. Same Look Every Time

18. Fairly Certain My Dog Got A Goodbye Kiss From My Gf This Morning

Has your furry friend ever done this? If yes, let us know in the comment section below.