Have you ever met someone whose uniqueness and attractiveness made you say “wow”? If not, you are going to meet some of them today. The pictures of people that we have collected have the wow-factor and it will blow your mind. 

Some of these people are born with unique birthmarks, while others are having unibrows. But this is not it. There are more people and each of them has something that sets them apart. 

But hey, everyone is unique in their own way. It’s just that mother nature blessed these people a little extra. However, that does not mean that you are any less. 

You can scroll down to see the pictures of people who got a little extra blessing from nature. 

1. She was born with this hair.

2. Her powerful unibrow

3. “A birthmark that developed under my skin”

4. This woman’s incredible eyes

5. The actor, Javier Botet, who played Slender Man

6. “My friend’s baby was born with Conan O’Brien’s hair!”

7. “The freckles in my eye”

8. “Hi Reddit, I have dermatographia.”

9. This is what a scar on an eye looks like.

10. This man’s elegant lion’s mane

11. His perfectly formed birthmark

12. This man’s incredibly long lashes

13. She was born with elf ears!

14. She was born with a white eyebrow and eyelashes.

15. “My fingers all bend upward!”

16. “A month later and she still has all the hair she was born with.”

17. “One of my adult teeth never came in…”

18. “My left eye being invaded by my iris”