It’s hard for some people to decipher ancient texts, but mythology memes are for everyone. If you are a mythology nerd, these 19 side-splitting memes will make your day. 

Of Many Talents

“Bro, Again?!”

Either Way, Interesting Character

The Evolutionary Timeline Of Greek Gods In Popular Media

Artemis On The Street TV

The Labours Of Heracles, Summed Up In One Image

Fear The God Of The Sea!

Pretty Much The Story Of Prometheus

Wait A Minute…

Family First

*Ba-Dum, Tsst*

Thor In One Image

Work Hard To Get Free Things

Egypt’s Love For Cats

If Perseus Didn’t Have A Mirror

So You’re Saying There’s A Chance!

Do You Wanna Be Slain In A Mythological Tale? Just Be A Dragon!

Well, Guess They’re Out Of A Job

When You Miss Out On The Most Treacherous Battle Over The Cosmos