We know you have been through a lot this week. But these 18 heartwarming pictures will melt your heart.

A Beautiful Reason To Celebrate

A Lesson From A Disneyland Employee

A Pet Bird Learns How To Comfort His Owner

A Parent Learns How Much Tangible Affirmations Mean To The Son

“I Have More Love For You Than You Think”

Larry’s First Catch

Finding A New Buddy

A Good Date With A Good Girl

There Are Kind Strangers Still Out There In The World

Call The Coffee “Bob”

So Much Cuteness Packed Into One Photo

Dad Joke Game On Level 100

The Legend Of The Banana Peppers Customer

They Strongly Believe The Title Belongs To Their Mother

“Create A Math Meme” Was One Of The Test Questions

Overheard Conversation With A Banana

Congrats To The Newlyweds!

Congrats To The New Grad!