No matter how chill or sorted dogs look, even they sometimes struggle to survive through the day. They have days when they are a total mess, they have days when they are not feeling like them, and they have days when they are malfunctioning. Oops! This is most of our lives. 

Luckily, these malfunctioning dogs want nothing but attention and love and attention. Scroll down to have a look at these cuties. 

“I think my dog is part Ostrich.”

Oops! This one wasn’t assembled right.

“An interesting sleeping position.”

“My dog fell asleep while playing fetch ???”

“She insists on breathing the air DIRECTLY from the vent when we go anywhere.”

“Idk why but my boy has to poop ON things. Tree stumps, stop signs, retainer walls, big rocks, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s on something.”

“Hello hi whatcha doing pet me. right. now.”

“Sleeping with your eyes open is totally normal.”

“Seamus & Murphy just sit like this, all the time.”

“My dog broke.”

“She destroyed one of her toys and upon discovering what she’d done she instantly flipped over and demanded belly rubs.”

“Do your dogs bite?” “No it’s worse, they judge you.”

“Send help.”

“Waiting on mom to get home…”

“This is what I came home to. She’s never done this before btw.”

“Happy birthday to this f*ckin jerk.”

“Absolutely nothing is wrong with him. I just admire his courage.”

“Superdog… ACTIVATE!”