Times have become rough. As crime increases, some house owners think that having a dog can protect them from any danger. But some of them forget that they do not have a dog and still put out the ‘beware of dogs’ sign.

It is better to give a warning to the strangers to beware of the dog even when you don’t have one. While some combine it with humour. We have collected some interesting ‘beware of dog’ sign and images that would make your laugh.

Hiptoro brings you a collection of the hilarious idea that pet owners have implemented to keep their houses safe from strangers. Take a look.

1. What kind of dog is this?

2. There are too many signs.

3. It’s big. It’s heavy. It’s good.

4. I guess something went wrong.

5. This must mean that their dog loves everyone.

15+ Funny “Beware of the Dog” Signs and the Very Dangerous Dogs Behind Them

6. When your pets side with each other:

7. He wants to play a little game with you.

8. “Dog” is just a name.

9. I’d believe the sign if the entrance wasn’t so small.

10. Things are not always what they seem.

11. Hey, man! Down here!

12. Beware of tones of cuteness.

13. Humor is the best weapon.

14. This is how I lost all of my fears.

15. You may need a dog’s help to get in.

16. Free concert for those coming to this house!

17. We are all kids deep inside.

18. When no one sees you:

Dogs gone crazy

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