In glamour, lights, and everything fancy, we often do not pay attention to people who are doing something good in life. Instead of paying attention to bigger things in life, we must give more importance to the smaller thing that hive bigger values.

Today at Hiptoro, we want you to meet, 17-year-old Eduardo Caioado from Anápolis, Brazil. This young boy has always shown a passion for helping animals. At the age of 9, he rescued the first animal in his life. Nearly a month ago, with the support of his family, he made his dream come true. This young activist opened his animal shelter called EduPaçoca Institute.

Since the age of 9, Eduardo has been rescuing street animals and today, he has the shelter of his dreams

“I try to make this world a better place. And I know that the miracle that people ask of God is in the action that is done on a daily basis, whether it is feeding a stray dog ​​or helping an elderly person by writing some letters. This year, I implemented a great dream of building my institute. I rented a house and have sponsors who help with expenses. I go there every day. Sometimes I hitchhike, sometimes I ride a bike for 30 km, but I never complain because it was always what I dreamed of. I don’t want a dog depot, but a home. I want them to know that even if they are not adopted, they will be with me until they grow old and die,” Eduardo told Hiptoro.

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Eduardo shared with us that the idea of opening the shelter came up to him in last March

“The region where I live is cold, and many stray dogs were dying of hypothermia. There are no public actions, so I decided to help. I was collecting blankets, creating houses with basins, and feeding them. In a week, there were three, then more dogs would appear, and when I went to see them again, there were already ten. Everyone followed me.”

It’s more than a shelter. EduPaçoca Institute is the first shelter of the recreational type in Anápolis. The city has nothing like it

This temporary home for animals works like a recreational daycare center where pets are prepared to be put up for adoption with attention and various activities.

“I want to make the Institute become something much more than a dog depot. In the recreational daycare format, I want to make them happy and healthy so that they can be adopted later,” said Eduardo.

“In those years of feeding animals on the streets, I realized that they have feelings very similar to ours. There is a dog named Baiano who always brings gifts for me: a bottle, a bowl, or a leaf. I had the idea of ​​creating a different place. A nursery with colors, toys, recreation, activities, music, dancing, theme parties, and birthdays.”

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Today, the shelter houses 22 dogs and 4 cats that were all rescued by Eduardo

Eduardo also helps injured animals and gives them a forever home if they are never adopted

“Seeing their joy, development, and coming back to life is exciting”

“The biggest challenge is having to choose whom to take and who stays on the streets. The space is still small and I can’t take them all,” says Eduardo. But the joy, trust, and gratitude in the eyes of those he can save couldn’t be more rewarding.

Eduardo’s followers take beautiful pictures of the dogs for their adoption campaigns and many of them have worked

“The Institute is a dream, but at the same time a great challenge. But it has been so good to sleep every day knowing that everyone is warm and safe”

“The plans for the future of the Institute are to expand, rescue more elderly and rejected dogs. The ultimate goal is to find them families, but until then, make them feel as if they already have a home. I don’t only want to treat the physical wounds of the animal, but their wounded souls.”

VOAA has launched a campaign to raise funds for the EduPaçoca Institute to help to reform and expand it

The funds will cover a few months’ costs of food, cleaning products, veterinary care, and space rental, in addition to the expansion and renovation of the site.

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To prevent animals from dying of hypothermia due to cold weather, Eduardo wants to build a better structure and expand the shelter with additional houses to separate older dogs from puppies.

Eduardo has previously made headlines in Brazil for his kind heart and social activism

When he was 15 years old, he was elected one of the 50 Young Inspirers of the UN (United Nations) for a project aimed to reuse rainwater for an ecovillage. Even being sick didn’t stop him from finding shelter for cats on the streets. Last Christmas, Edu got gifts for 52 old people in a nursing home. He also threw a cute pyjama part for his 88-year-old great-grandfather, show his compassion and determination to help others.

He is 100% doing his bit to make Brazil a better place for living. If you love this young boy and what he is doing, show your support by leaving your comments below.