If you look up “ope” somewhere like in the Oxford English Dictionary, you’ll find that the entry is quite an old abbreviation of the word “open,” first used in the approximate year 1275.

The Midwest is a special place full of corn, bubblers, and people who say sorry more than they say soda (it’s called pop).

1. If Minnesota Gave Every Country In The World 46 Lakes, It Would Still Have Over 1000 For Itself 

If Minnesota gave away 90% of its lakes, it could give every country in the world 46 lakes, and still have 1,000 lakes leftover for itself.

2. The UK Could Fit Inside The Great Lakes

The entirety of the United Kingdom would fit inside the Great Lakes.

3. Both Major Cities In Missouri Look Like They Are Desperately Trying To Get Out

4. ‘Were You Raised In A Barn?’ Is Not Accurately Used

5. FedEx Can Move Corn Faster Than The Human Body 

6. If Homer Simpson Was A Democratic Congressman If Springfield, Ohio, He’d Be ‘Homer Simpson (D-OH)’

7. Lake Michigan Hold Roughly A Quadrillion Gallons Of Freshwater, And People Are Still Without Clean Drinking Water 

 8. Missouri Is Just ‘Misery’ With A Fancy Pronunciation

9. Iowa Is More Relevant Every 4 Years

10. Cows In Wisconsin Must Be Rockstars In The Bovine World 

11. If Farming Simulator Was Controlling Real Tractors, People Could Make Bank

12. Minnesotans Are Just Rejected Canadians

13. Sheboygan Is Both A City In Wisconsin And An Epic Rap Intro 

14. Country Music Is Just ‘Farm Emo’ Music 

15. In Football, Water Boys Are Just Human Bubblers

16. Midwest Refrigerators Are Working To Keep The Food Warm

17. Earth Is The Ohio Of The Galaxy