Our days typically pass by in a rush, and memories are transient. Unexpected events, however, help us clarify certain aspects of our memories, claims one study. And these bits are the ones that linger in our memories for the longest. It’s a good thing the universe provides a never-ending supply of intriguing shocks to fill our memory banks.

In order to promote happiness, Bright Side discovered 17 people whose days were “unforgettable” due to interesting discoveries.

1. “My sister’s blood circulation makes it look like her middle finger belongs to someone else.”

2. “This IKEA plant that looks like a creature”

3. “Someone knows what’s coming.”

4. “My leopard gecko shed a tiny glove.”

5. “My bread grew mold that looks like the logo.”

6. “I cut a bell pepper and found a little one growing inside it. When I bit into it, I found an even smaller bell pepper.”

7. “My dog has a birthmark that makes it look like she has a snaggletooth.”

8. “This palm tree growing out of the center of another tree”

9. “This weird egg my chicken laid”

10. “A pig’s ear in the microscope looks like a planet.”



11. “I feel like I shared a moment with this carrot.”


12. “My mom waited too long to plant this and it grew through the box.”


13. The way the snow perfectly rolled off the windshield


14. “My cat has a mustache.”


15. “I found a rock that looks like a toe.”


16. “I broke a stick in half and was presented with a star at its core.”

17. “My dog’s right ear always glows red under the sun.”



When was the last time a commonplace object revealed a fascinating detail? Do you enjoy spotting intriguing patterns in the world? You can post pictures of your funny finds in the comments area if you have any.