The cutest version of wild animals.

Wild animals might appear intimidating but they are cute. And the pictures below are proof.

Most wild animals have extremely complex behavioral, nutritional, social, and psychological needs, unlike our pets, they are not very adaptable creatures. Although they do have some dangerous qualities and habits, they can also be very sweet if they want. They are unpredictable so it is better not to test them and try your luck.

Scroll down to see wild animals so beautiful, it is hard to believe.

1. “Baby polar bear and human baby.”

2. “A Cayman Crocodile from the Amazon Rainforest looks happy wearing a crown of butterflies.”

3. “Luna, the best bear in Buffalo.”

4. This adorable puma, known as Messi, could not be released into the world so he had to be adopted.

5. “A hippo named Fiona just received a birthday gift from her boyfriend Timothy, a hippo at another zoo.” 

6. “Met the world’s happiest cheetah at the zoo today.”

7. Aww, Mr. Hippo wants to be friends with her.

8. “Recently met this elephant and gave her belly rubs.”

9. “This cat and fox are best friends.”

10. Hello there, Mr. Bear.

11. “This happy little cheetah”

12. “Cuddling with mom”

13. “A tiger in the snow”

14. “So I met a bear cub today, I think he liked me.”

15. “There’s an island in Washington that lets you go on a 2 hour tour with super friendly wolves.”

16. Dean Schneider with Nayla, the lioness.

17. “My boyfriend and I got pictures taken with wolves today, and this cutie loved belly rubs.”

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