Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have the most interesting and weird relationship in Hollywood. It’s been years since the two actors worked together for the first time. And it seems like this unique relationship kicked off on the sets of the 2009 movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It’s like they are best friends and never miss a chance to troll each other. Below are some tweets that are proof of their undescribed chemistery.  Scroll down to take a look. 

1. Totally Fell For It

2. Shoutout To My Main Man Jake

3. You’re A Vision

4. Blink Twice If You Need Help

5. The Man, The Myth, The Legend

6. The Ugly Sweater Returns

7. Keep Him Away From Me

8. Personal Space Ryan, Personal Space

9. I Stand Corrected

10. He’s Not Actually Nice, I Swear

11. This Is What Greatness Looks Like

12. Congrats On The Star, Loser

13. Seriously, He’s Stalking Me

14. A Custom Ride

15. Shameless Plug

16. Would Never Willingly Watch ‘Deadpool’

17. The Ultimate Birthday Troll

18. Need More Marvel In Your Life?