Cats have always been bossy. They are more dominant than dogs and they don’t even care about what you or anyone else in the house thinks about it. So, if you have a cat, share with us the bossiest moments you’ve had with them. Until then, take a look at what people have shared with us.

1. It’s pretty clear who’s in charge here.

3. Aww, grandpa ❤

4. “No, I don’t want any magazines!”

5. In case you were wondering who actually owns the house…

6. They don’t stand a chance.

7. Whatcha gonna do about it? Hmm?

9. “Young lady, my food bowl has been empty for six minutes.”

10. The stairs toll is too high.

12. Catzilla takes a quick break from rampaging.

13. “Hey. Hey, man. Hey, cut it out.”

14. “You may approach the royal stairs with your offering… slowly.”

16. She doesn’t even want it, she’s just proving a point.

17. Finally figured out what the dog is for.