Every relationship is different and every relationship is unpredictable. So, no matter how good or bad a relationship is going, you can’t predict whether it would last or not. And when a person breaks up, it is really hard to be friends with their ex. 

Here are some really funny replies by ex-partners that deserve an award. 

1. This one is kind of savage

2. Talking about savage

3. This was a nice try

4. This is the most suitable correction possible

5. Here is how it’s done

6. This is how you shut down someone 

7. This man poured his soul but it did not work

8. Speaking about the ‘cold as ice’ attitude 

9. Once the relationship is over for good, you can’t have the same feelings back

10. This is one interesting conversation 

11. Now this is something worth sharing

12. Talking about sarcasm

13. This is one classic move

14. Ariana Grande would be proud

15. This is yet another savage reply 

16. Here is another clever way to show someone they are not wanted around

17. What comes around goes around

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