Guys, we don’t want to make this a cat appreciation post but you gotta agree that the beautiful felines are the cutest creatures on this planet. What? You don’t think so? You must be kidding, right? Of course, you are. After all, the cute little paws of cats and their innocence can even melt rocks. (You are better than that, we know)

Cats are purrfect in every way and we can’t help but fall in love with their innocence each time they look at us with their adorable eyes. You can scroll down to see some of the cute cat pictures. 

1. Kittens are the purrrfect, since they have multi-directional ears

2. They have memorizing eyes

3. Even cuter when eyes are closed

4. They have button-shaped little noses

5. With delicate thin mustaches

6. With delicate thin mustaches

7. Those chins are oh so cute

8. When they yawn, they stick out the perfect pink tongue out

9. The little legs, which may be long or short, but never disappoin

10. At the end of each of those little legs, they have little round paws that make you want to squeeze them

11. Under those paws are the toebeans!

12. Their almost liquid elastic column allows them to adopt the most beautiful poses

13. They can imitate a loaf of bread

14. Full main of beautiful hair

15. With soft furry bellies!

16. And finally, the tails should be confiscated, so adorable.

17. Especially when it’s extra floofy