Pets need physical contact.

Pets are so incredible that they can turn around your entire day. People have adopted more pets than ever during the lockdown period. They have an immense about of love for their humans, and therefore, they can’t see them upset or disturbed. While you are used to your pets, they need your attention constantly. Especially, the pets that came into your life during the pandemic period and have seen you around for literally 24 hours and 365 days, can not stand a minute without your attention.

They would do anything to get it, even if that means coming in between your work, or no matter what. If you’ve adopted a pet recently, you would know what exactly are we talking about. I brought a labrador retriever into my life in the lockdown phase, and she cannot sit in a room without people.

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Scroll down to check out what people had to share about their experiences with their adorable pets trying to seek their attention.

#1 He wanted a lot of snuggles and hugs.

#2 ‘Let me sleep with you.’

#3 No matter how big they get, they will always be a baby at heart.

#4 When your cat is scared of the vet and needs some sort of reassurance.

#5 ‘Do you want a little kiss, hooman?’

#6 A little playfighting is always fun.

As per studies, most animals do not like to snuggle, but it clearly depends on individuals as to how they want to react. Be it cats or dogs, it isn’t in their nature to please people and become so affectionate. But clearly, these images tell a different story.

#7 ‘Your head is so smooth, hooman.’

#8 That look of love in her eyes is adorable.

#9 She wanted to keep warm and found the perfect spot.

#10 This chonky parrot is looking for some human contact.

#11 A similar thing happened to me when I was bringing home a cat.

#12 When they sleep like this, it means they trust you.

#13 Keeping your doggo warm in the snow.

#14 ‘Just let me rest beside your head.’

#15 Look at the smile on both their faces!

#16 He might have a broken back after this, but it is worth it.

#17 ‘I am never letting go of your leg, hooman.’