Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how cute and smart Shiba Inus are? People who are not familiar with this dog bread “what are you guys doing?”. Go and do a quick Google search to see how adorable these cuties are or you can simply stay with us till the end. And people who are familiar with Shiba Inu, we simply love you. Shiba Inu is certainly one of those dog breeds that surely deserves a place in your house because they are highly-energetic and lovable. And that’s what every pet parent wants, right?

This dog breed is one of six spitz dogs that are native to Japan. Interesting, isn’t it? Of course, it is. But what is even surprising is that this doggo breed has been around 300 B.C. (that’s a lot of time). The uniqueness of Shiba Inu does not just end at it looking like a fox because many other things make this doggo bread different from others.

Shiba Inus are not high maintenance but they should be trained well. So if you are deciding to adopt a pup sooner or later, this dog breed should be your pick because they will make you laugh constantly.

Scroll down to see how funny and cute this doggo breed is.

1. The ears pop up

2. I’m listening

3. He loves his stuffed polar bear toy

4. This is one of the best dog pictures I’ve ever seen.

5. Hi there!

6. This is how a Shiba looks at you without actually looking.

7. This is the best sign EVER

8. Just hanging out

9. Poor baby ate a scorpion

10. Something nice to come home to

11. Ready to swim

12. The happiest dog

13. The angriest dog

14. This lucky dog loves camping

15. This seven-year-old Shiba loves swinging

16. He’s not too sure about this

17. Enjoying some yoga