Do you think that you have received the worst job emails in your life? Well, on second thoughts, scroll down and check out these and you might think your job mails were better.

17. I love the low-level snark.

16. People are still allowed to take weekends off, right?

15. That’s the worst.

14. You’re not making any friends.

13. Do people not have clocks?

12. Good for her.

11. I guess some people think they’re special.

10. Thank goodness not everyone is Amazon.

9.  Because vacations are allowed.

8. Wait for an answer, dude.

7. This whole expectation is crazy.

6. Thank goodness.

5. Some of us have boundaries.

4. This is a huge downfall of working from home.

3. Passive aggressive, but deserved.

2. I’m shocked.

1. If only we could throw whole people into the bin.