Cats are amazing creatures.

Most of you believe that cats are moody and bossy in nature. However, this isn’t entirely true. But we must tell you that if you don’t have a cat, you are missing out on a lot of entertainment. They are thoroughly entertaining and will lift your mood up any day when you aren’t feeling okay. Cat is naturally hilarious without being aware of how they are.

1. I remember this place very well.

2. Snowball stretching while yawning.

3. The perfect bed.

4. How dare you leave me alone?

5. He’s so upset his face is melting.

6. Save me.

7. Angry kitties are hilarious.

8. You came to the wrong neighbourhood.

9. Cute but psycho.

10. Those adorable toe beans!

11. Always hungry.

12. That’s a bat.

13. Anna, the sassy cat.

14. Watching over you.

15. So tiny.

16. Omnom.

17. One of my dad’s cats, Damian, on his way to the vet today. “Peek-a-boo, I see you!”