There comes several “aww” moments when living with pets. But if you are lucky, you might catch hilariously clumsy pet moments in your camera, as these 17 people did.

They have perfectly captured the exact moment their tiny buddies indulged in clumsy activity. These funny/awkward moments are so precious that we want to see them again and again.

Scroll down and check them out.

1. The precise moments to capture the essence of this tiny creature.

2. Microseconds before the cat is about to sneeze, wait for it.

3. This love-hate relationship shows the terror hidden in disguise.

“My daughter took the photo a couple of weeks ago. He’s a great cat and loved letting off steam in a fresh box!”

4. The cat has officially accepted how clumsy it is and is used to the after math.

5. Dogs want to be a bit too ahead of something, even if they get strangled.

While these pets have the awareness of what is going around them, sometimes it just seems as if they don’t even recognize your existence thus having them do their own thing. Can you not judge these and come to the same conclusions?

6. When tiny pets know how clumsy and unexpected the big pet is, leads us to this moment.

7. We all get tired after an hour spent in the gym.

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are!..”

8. Beauty is defined in all shapes and forms.

9. The sophistication involved with sitting etiquettes is exquisite.

10. When you try to make things work but they just seem to be cripling.

11. It was just a flinch before the attack.

12. The longer the tongue, the more the peanut butter.

13. The ideal toy to play with!

“Daddy left his work boots under my doggie bed outside. He must want me to play with them.”

14. I am literally slumped after a long day of hustle.

15. The sunset is worth enjoying and posing for.

16. The piece of art to capture such a precious moment.

17. Hunger can take away the actual you and turn you into a monster.