As public as a celebrity’s private life is, their real name is quite a secret. From our favorite actors to singers, everyone has a hidden secret name that we didn’t know about until today.

For example, did you know that Ice Cube’s passport actually says Icelandic Cubicle? Or that 50 Cent is short for the 50th Century? Surprised, right?

There are many more celebrities with secret real names that will blow your mind. Scroll down to learn why “Real Name” is probably the best meme of the year, and vote your favorite entries.

Kat Von D

Mark Zuckerberg

Ice T

Cardi B

Ice Cube

Elon Musk

T Pain

The Rock

Bow Wow


Benedict Cumberbatch

50 Cent

P Diddy

Lil’ Pump

Snoop Dogg

J. Cole

Jay Z