These good boys and girls are here to make your day bright and beautiful. So, scroll down and say aww all this time while you reach the end.

1. This face could melt the coldest heart.

2. “Am I a pretty tree?”

3. “My golden retriever brings me socks as gifts to convince me to get out of bed in the morning” – u/katydid111

4. “More, please.”

5. “For me?”

6. High five!

7. Oh my!

8. This dog has life all figured out.

9. He’s huge!

10. Brain freeze incoming

11. “I don’t know this monkey.”

12. “Friend?”

13. “Here is one of my dogs comforting her sister during a storm.” – u/lauface

14. “Do you have a moment?”


16. s l u r p

17. Yum, toast!

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