Since we are always seeing cats and dogs around us, we find it a little odd when we spot any other animals. In simpler words, we find them exotic. But we forget that the world is a small place and we can bump into these far off animals any day. 

Wait, what? You don’t agree with us? No worries because we have got some proof. Yay! To show how unpredictable and small the world is, we have collected some amazing pictures of charming animals who are not so common. These pictures have been shared by Reddit users. And to be honest, we are a little jealous because they got a chance to meet these amazing intruders. 

But anyway, we have pictures. Scroll down to see the sweetest animal encounter ever.

1. “One month ago, my sister found a tiny egg and gave it to me. I put it in a jar not expecting anything. But today it hatched! I’m a father!”

2. “A squirrel ran into the store I work at and stole a chocolate bar.”

3. “This deer comes to our yard and eats the pears that have fallen from our tree.”

4. “Have a bunch of chipmunks in my yard, so my dad made friends with one of them by giving him some roasted peanuts.”

5. “New neighbors!”

6. “Today I got photobombed by a fluffy green friend.”

7. “This grumpy hero alerted me about its family’s camouflaged underground den with 5 siblings while mowing today.”

8. “My office hawk buddy dropped in today.”

9. “I was kayaking with my family in Florida and we saw a manatee.”

10. “I shared my picnic dinner today.”

11. “A friendly little deer came up to us on our walk today.”

12. “I just moved into the neighborhood, and here’s one of my new neighbors.”

13. “A little cutie that leaves holes all around my yard”

14. “Just a moose taking an afternoon nap in my dad’s garden…”

15. “The possum that visits our deck every evening brought along somebody special last night.”

16. “3 babies exploring in my backyard”

17. “A mama deer in our neighborhood regularly leaves her fawns on our front porch for babysitting while she’s busy.”

If you have also met any such exotic animals, you can share the pictures with us in the comments section. We would love to see them.