We generally see in horror movies that the ghost is trying to disguise itself as a person, animal, or something else. But little did we know that the act of disguise is not just limited to horror movies. 

To show that some content on the Internet is not what it seem in the first place, we have compiled a list of 16+ images. Scroll down and have a look. 

1. “There’s an old woman’s face in my belly button.”

2. “This Disability Parking space symbol with a mirror image makes it look like Cthulu Parking.”

3. “My bracelet started picking up all of the iron from the sand.”

4. “Pollen on the water surface of my rain barrel looks like a map.”

5. “[…] a cat on my way home at 2 am.”

6. “This fungi looks like a tentacled alien.”

7. “[…] a cactus up close.”

8. “Looks kind of like a cappuccino at first but it’s just an upside-down mug.”

9. “A wildfire ripped through Waterton Lakes National Park in 2017. Found this burn pattern on a tree there last month.”

10. “Very large cuboid tree/s next to the Seville cathedral.”

11. “They repurposed honey bottles.”

12. “This glitch in the matrix.”

13. “The carpet in my house is almost identical to the color and consistency of this cat litter.”

14. “Looks like the girl is photoshopped.”

15. “[…] a leftover movie set from Kong: Skull Island in Hawaii.”

16. “Pinecone got sanded by the bottom of my pool and it’s cleaning robot.”

17. “Buttons & buttonholes on the blouse.”

18. ‘Thumb up makes it look like the girl has no pants on.”

19. “Rolling countryside.”

20. “This pic of my girlfriend lying down after a hike looks photoshopped. She looks like a sticker.”