Curiosity is something that each human has in them. When you are going to purchase a product, you have several questions in mind, for which you need answers. Similarly, some images look mysterious and there is a constant need that you feel within to know more about what they are about. Often things are not exactly what they appear to be. As you scroll down, you would probably get a better idea of what things appear to be and what they are in real.

1. It may look refreshing, but I’m afraid you can’t actually drink this tea.

2. Fortunately, this milky river in Taipei, Taiwan doesn’t look like this because of a chemical spill.

3. Although we’re obviously not used to seeing these triangular clouds, the reason they’re there makes a lot of sense.

4. In post-apocalyptic movies, a tall building is usually covered in vegetation like this because it was abandoned years ago.

5. We can’t really call this a failed attempt at baking because it probably looked wonderful when it was made.

6. This strange little figure may be fascinating to look at, but the reason for its existence is a lot sadder.

7. The Shah Cheragh mosque in Shiraz, Iran has been a dazzling architectural marvel since the year 900.

8. It’s easy to make too much of these odd tracks, so I’ll just share what’s really going on here.

9. This wouldn’t even be worth noting on an actual airplane, but it’s a genius idea in its actual setting.

10. This Rubik’s cube definitely stands out among the others and that’s why it was made.

12. For a while, the uploader couldn’t get their lighter to light for a mysterious reason.

13. While you might only hear about it from aviation nerds nowadays, it’s hard to overstate how exciting the Concorde jet was for France in 1965.

14. This fish either looks like it was made of Play-Doh, painted, or Photoshopped, but it wasn’t altered in any way.

15. This shot shows just how obscenely large a whale shark really is.

16. This may not be something we want to discover while we’re eating, but it definitely confirms that these oysters are real.

17. This view from a dark tunnel doesn’t show a location as remote and mysterious as it might seem to.

18. This may look like your average condemned house and that’s all the work crew thought it was at first, too.

19. As the sign says, only women are allowed to ride on this Japanese train carriage.

20. This kid has managed to balance 29 rulers on just one of the same size.