And we are back with our dosage of cute and best dog posts!

Dogs are the best friends that we have and there is no denying that they make our life happier. Their innocence can win over a million heart. The way they look at us, the way they smile and the love that they shower on us is unlimited. What they expect in return is just a little amount of attention and care, that’s all they need. If you are a pet parent, you would agree that your world would be incomplete without them. So, here’s to the furry friends in our lives and yet another dose of best dogs who can help us get through every problem in life.

1. Could it get any more perfect?

2. No, they are not playing dead.

3. OMG! This is SO CUTE!

4. “A picture speaks a thousand words” fits perfectly here.

5. Damn, that is so cool!

6. That’s such an adorable mask!

7. Oh cute little Troy couldn’t resist!

8. That is such a smooooth back, doggo!

9. We think it’s a great initiative and a very cute bed!

10. At least he tried his best!

11. This just became my favourite video!

12. Haha I wasn’t expecting that!

13. Look at this BIG BABY!

14. Oh my! How can this video be so CUTE!?

15. Smol doggo but big jumps.

16. That is the cutest thing you will see today.