Just like the Prince Charmings of dreamy fairylands, we all wished to have a Prince Charming in our real lives. Luckily, they exist and they have become husbands to happy wives. 

These men always show their love in action and not in words. Scroll down to see how they surprise everyone around them with unexpected things. 

It took a man just 2 days to turn a windowsill into a comfortable place for his wife.

Paul Brockmann presented 55,000 dresses to his wife, Margo. He chose every dress himself because his wife doesn’t like shopping.

A husband put more than 7,000 stickers filled with memories on their bedroom walls.

“To celebrate our anniversary, I made a bouquet of paper flowers for my wife. Looks quite decent given that I’ve never done anything like this before.”

A man substituted the numbers on the scale for compliments so that his wife wouldn’t take her weight too seriously.

A good husband knows that his wife also wants some alone time to relax.

“My boyfriend made a makeup box for me on his own.”

A man created jewelry that his wife dreamed of but couldn’t find.

A husband leaves such figures in unexpected places to make his wife, who loves Snoopy, happy.

“My girlfriend wanted a fireplace where she could put Christmas stockings like in movies.”

A man designed and made a double pendant for Valentine’s Day. On it, you can see the road between the houses of the couple from where they used to live, where they grew up, and where they met each other.

“I made a pillow theatre for my girlfriend.”

“My wife and I couldn’t afford to go to a fancy restaurant on our anniversary, but I decided to do something nice for her anyway.”

Lovely notes for a girlfriend for an entire year

A husband made the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast for his wife.

A husband wanted to clean his daughter’s doll’s face with alcohol and accidentally erased its face. To fix the situation, he decided to make new eyes for the doll by cutting them out of a magazine.