Dogs are great fetchers, but we’re not so sure about catchers.

Dogs always crack us up with their shenanigans. And this time, they are winning our hearts by failing to catch a frisbee. We know it’s kind of evil to laugh at their failure. But even you won’t be able to control your laughter after seeing the dogs in mid-air, trying to catch a ball or a frisbee and missing it. 

Scroll down for a good laugh. 

1. He’s about to karate chop that frisbee *misses and flops on the ground*

2. “Ohhhh, that was kinda satisfying.”

3. He looks so invested in this. So damn hilarious!

4. Well that’s one way of doing it. Can’t catch it with the mouth, just use their limbs. This doggo is very smart.

5. “I got this, I got this, I got this….” *bang*

6. You’re a terrible person if you laugh at this one. I hope it didn’t hit too hard in the neck.

7. Missed!

8. “Where’d it go? It was right there a second ago.”

9. I think we might have a winner here.

10. Honestly, I blame the thrower. Nobody laughs at the doggos!

11. No, no, you have to catch it with your mouth, not headbutt it. What a cutie!

12. He thinks it’s a flying saucer and is now running for his life.

13. BAAAM! Headshot!

14. “Catch it!” “What?” “Okay, never mind.”

15. Oooof! Right in the chin.

16. “Okay, I’m positioned….I got this….time to jump…..ouch!”