When counting our blessings, we count our dog twice. And why not? After all, these furry angels never let us get sad. Or feel bad. Or leave us alone. In short, there’s not a single dull moment with dogs. 

Here are a few pictures of adorable dogs that prove these furry angels are too good for this world. 

Doggo kisses are the sweetest.

Look back, but don’t make it obvious.

It’s not a puppy, it’s a sleepy cloud.

“Wait a minute! What is this bag made of?”

“Can I have some of what you’re eating? Please? Pretty please?”

Guarding its human’s laundry.

Huskies posing for their Instagram photo.

Good boy helping human with grocery.

Naptime is also cuddling time.

That’s a dog taking a selfie.

When the photographer says “say cheese!”

“New year, bigger me! “

“Hello! My name is Indiana Bones.”

No one can say no to this face.

This dog is clearly channeling our inner selves.

Howls “NOOOooo”