Hello everyone, how are you today? We hope that everyone is doing well. We are here to lift your spirits even if you are not. Memes are created on the Internet every every second. But have you ever read the comments that everyone has made on those posts? Believe me, there are instances when people’s statements leave us speechless or in disbelief. Even a dull post can be transformed into a complete masterpiece by someone with a wonderful sense of humor.

Why are you holding out? See the 25 brilliant commenters who turned these postings into a complete masterpiece by scrolling down below. Make sure you stick with it until the very end.

1. There’s no other way to get rid of it

2. What’s going on here I am confused?

3. Man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do

4. That’s what happens when you decide to go to Australia

5. Come on people start tagging your dogs

6. We all have that one friend

7. Just imagine

8. You should definitely know that

Are you now sick of scrolling? How can you be when we know you’re not? These commenters raised the quality of these posts by employing their wonderful sense of humor, proving that they are genuine comedians. Always remember to read the comments on the blogs; either you will learn something helpful from them or you may pass out from laughter because the globe is so large and there are so many brilliant commenters who can make us laugh aloud, Continue reading below for a few more of them that we have gathered exclusively for you.

9. Hello guys, I am Bob The Builder

10. This one got me laughing so hard


11. Toxic is one of the best song by Britney there’s no doubt in that

12. No matter what you should always be kind to others I hope I have no stalkers

13. This commentator took this to a whole lot new level


14. Bro we are just trying to see

15. Save it for next time if anyone asks you this

16. Aren’t they supposed to be fries?

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