So many pets are in need of a home.

We can never imagine how lonely and sad pet feels in the shelter house. Alone in a room, they have to spend their lives without any love till one day, some angel disguised as a human adopts them. 

To give you a little motivation and show how your one act of kindness can change their lives, we have compiled 16 adopted pet images. 

#1 She knows she is safe in these arms.

Day 5 of never having to sleep on the streets again.

#2 Just look at those beautiful, innocent eyes!

On the ride home from adopting this guy.

#3 This kitty will be eternally thankful.

I just adopted my first cat, and I can’t get over how gorgeous she is.

#4 You can just see the love radiating off him through this picture.

We adopted Kane about a month ago. He is around 10-12 years old, nearly deaf and blind. He is very sweet, just likes to sleep all day, and likes going outside.

#5 Sometimes you don’t even plan on getting a cat but a kitty adopts you anyway.

Went to the store to get dog food — they were hosting some cats for adoption and long story short, meet Laszlo!

#6 When you think she is pregnant but she turns out to be just fat.

Took in a pregnant stray cat until it became clear she was indeed just a little overweight. Then she stayed.

#7 Daisy is truly majestic.

I got adopted by this beautiful pup this weekend. Say hi to Daisy.

#8 They finally get to adopt a dog without having to worry.

Most of my family is allergic, so we could never have a dog growing up. I’m 33 and just adopted for the first time.

#9 Getting a two-for-one deal.

I couldn’t separate these brothers, so I adopted both!

#10 She needed help and so did the human.

As a person with severe anxiety, I adopted this cat with trust issues and anxiety. Meet Desert!

#11 Waffles is ecstatic that he found a new home.

Today my wife and I adopted a senior puppy! Everybody, meet Waffles!

#12 No distance is too far to get this adorable baby.

Drove 2,260 miles to adopt this little sweetie, and it’s the best thing I have ever done.

#13 She knew this hooman would help her.

Stray kitten followed me home… Couldn’t reject her.

#14 Growing up together.

My dad when he first adopted my 1-year-old blind cat Cheddar, and them together on Cheddar’s 18th birthday!

#15 He wants to help his little sibling.

Found this kitten in the woods, thought my older cats would adopt it, but it looks like my big boy has accepted Daddy Duty.

#16 And they both seem to be fast friends now.

My cat had anxiety issues, so we adopted a little sister for him.