If you love animals, nature and learning about all things wild, then look no further!

Animals are hilarious anyways. Their actions and behavior are enough to make you laugh during your bad days. But what happens when they start behaving and looking like a whole different species? Well, from a dog that resembles Groot, a cat that thinks he’s a loaf of bread, hamsters that look like pancakes, and cats standing like a human being-they wanna have multiple personalities. We’re sure that the following pictures will definitely bring a big smile in your face.

Check them out below!

“I am Groot.”

“Am I a pug?”

“I’m a cat! Pet me!”

Dogs can turn into the cat from Shrek.


Cat’s paw

“Hey, look! I’m just like you, human!”

These sleeping hamsters look like pancakes.

“He likes his new toy.”

“He’s an angel, isn’t he?”

“My dog has 2 completely different looks.”

When everything works out:

“I’m a sad sun.”

“A spy is among us.”

“I’m a loaf.”

A 3-headed dragon

Yoda? Is that you?

But don’t fall for these innocent faces, most cats and dogs are intelligent and very quick learners — it seems like nothing escapes them.

With this, I do hope you have enjoyed these pictures.