What if dogs could tweet their thoughts?

Just like humans, what if dogs could also tweet their thoughts? What if we could know what’s going inside the heads of our precious babies? What if these furry angels would express themselves clearly? If you have also wished for this thing, your wish is granted. OMG!

Oh no, these dogs are not actually on Twitter. It’s just a popular Twitter account called “Thoughts of Dog” that is helping us to understand what’s going inside the heads of our precious babies. 

Scroll down to have a look. 

1. Someone’s getting a little too sentimental here.

But no love is ever too much.

2. This public service message is brought to you by this doggo.

Safety first!

3. If someone says ‘nobody cares for you’, show them this!

How thoughtful of him.

4. I don’t always follow orders. But when I do…

I make sure I’m getting paid.

5. It’s always the thought that matters.

Good boy doggo!

6. When ‘Come to the mall they said. You’ll have fun they said’ goes wrong.

Even the puppy eyes didn’t work there…

7. Just a simple pup, with a simple request.

What part of ‘pay attention to me’ you don’t understand, hooman?

8. We think we’ve heard this before…

Isn’t that all our girlfriends when we don’t pay attention for 0.2 seconds?

9. Just a daily reminder for you guys.

I will find you. And I will cheer you up!

10. The dog gotta do what it gotta do.

Aaaand we don’t know how to say NO (to this)

11. Family beach day…here we come.

Just don’t get too much sand on the hot dog 😉

12. Unintentional.

At least he didn’t get the Easter bunny.

13. We promise to abide by the law.

Your wish is always our command!

14. Everybody stands up for the smartest doggo.

The smart dog is perhaps, smart.

15. It’s April Fools’ Day. Trust no one!!!

Except for this dog..

16. Ice Ice Baby!

Cronchhh water is gooooood.