cheap Apple AirPods alternative

If you are not willing to shell out $160 for a pair of AirPods but still want an alternative at cheap then this story is for you.

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Teen makes his own Apple AirPods under $4

A 15-year old boy, Sam Cashbook, was able to make his own DIY AirPods in just $4. Sam Cashbook told Vice that he made his own wireless AirPods after his friend got a pair on his birthday. He thought that the amount of money for something that can be made in the home is not justified.

When Cashbook started looking for how to videos explaining how to make DIY AirPods alternative he found out that most of the people were cutting the wires as a joke and the product was not functional.

DIY AirPods alternative

There are several videos on YouTube claiming that they can guide the viewers in making there Wireless AirPods.

So he decided to make his own variant without any help. He started by buying a wireless bone conduction headset from eBay. In layman’s term, bone conduction headset uses vibration on the head to transfer the sound.

Teen explains how he made his own Apple AirPods alternative at home

He desoldered the wires of Bone-conducting headset and connected to the old Apple earbuds. He replaced the battery with a larger and better battery and hot glued all the things which is not a good idea according to him.


The Frankenstein headset has all button for volume controls, power and skipping tracks and battery can be recharged.

As reported by Vice, this project was a fun learning challenge as it helped him in improving his soldering skills for smaller components. Cashbook told Vice that it took $4 to complete these headsets.

He further said that he encourages people to make cool things like his DIY AirPods alternative.