When we grow, we learn things about the world so that we can properly function as an adult. But when we reach the adult age, we realize that most of the things we have learned cannot be practically used. Uhh, seems like we have been scammed! 

Here are 14+ tweets for those of us who never learn!

1. “Have you learned nothing?!”

2. Mitochondria Or Taxes?

3. Airline Savings

4. Every Damn Time

5. They’re So Cute… I guess?

6. Grammar 101

7. The Therapist Has Become The Therapized!

8. Heartbroken

9. Millennial Gravestones

10. Intense Breathing

11. Just Shut Up!

12. Animal Farm, A Children’s Classic!

13. Drink Like An Adult

14. Sex Houses?

15. It Never Changes

16. Easy Money!

17. Don’t Tell White Lies!

18. They Never Learn

19. Tic-Tac-Toe

20. 15 Mins Vs. 6 Months